10 Things You Should Know About Building Demolition

In some cases a full house demolition is a cheaper option than renovating and fixing problems but not always. A full demolition allows you to build the home of your dreams rather than trying to change an existing home to meet your needs. In most cases it is wise to call in the services of a professional demolition company for the safety of your family and neighbours. 

10 things you should know about building demolition:

1. It is messy, dirty and dusty!

2. You will probably find evidence of rodents; nests, bodies, food stores and faeces, maybe even a wasps nest or other creatures that have made your wall cavities, underfloor areas or roof space their home.

3. You will find things you were not expecting e.g. asbestos, mould or rotten wood

4. You will need permission from the council for demolition work, failing to follow regulations can land you in trouble with fines and a call to halt works until the correct paperwork is filed and any fees paid.

5. It would be polite to warn neighbours of your impending works as it will be noisy, messy and disruptive for them too. Perhaps cookies or a bottle of wine would be a welcome 'sorry for the disruption' gift?

6. Plans change - you may be considering only a partial demolition and discover more problems that warrant full removal of the structure etc. or you may find hidden gems that you prefer to rescue and incorporate into the design of your new home; vintage wallpaper or original floor boards for example.

7. The demolition process may take longer than anticipated, especially if any problems are uncovered that require attention before work can progress. You never quite know what will be revealed when you start pulling off wallpaper and boards or ripping out cupboards. Maybe you will find a hidden room in the attic, which would be much preferred to a body in the basement!

8. You may be able to salvage items from the home to sell or reuse, but much will likely be damaged and simply need to be disposed of in the most environmentally manner available (although much will end up landfill some could be considered for hard fill).

9. Don't try and live in the house even if the demolition is only partial. All that dust and debris in the air can cause significant health issues particularly if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer. Take that tropical holiday and come back when the dust has settled!

10. Demolition is not a simple DIY job like putting in a deck or building a shed, so best left to the professionals with years of experience.

You may be considering only a partial demolition but after knocking down a few walls you discover more rotten wood or damaged areas that are beyond repair and you end up demolishing the entire house. If your home has been damaged by fire or floods then it is usually better to clear out the old damaged structure and start afresh. A demolition project is a great opportunity to improve the homes insulation, wiring and energy efficiency.

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