Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

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Recommended casinos in New Zealand

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Best things to do in New Zealand

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Christchurch, a traditional English city that has managed to keep its English tradition alive despite all the urbanisation, innovation, and creativity that can be seen in and around the city.

It is the capital of Canterbury and the oldest established town in New Zealand. It has a temperate climate like that of the South of England. Gothic architecture was used in the cathedral and you can still see remains of some of the houses which have been lost to earthquakes.

This town experienced two earthquakes in 2011, which destroyed much of the city, but today infrastructure is begin developed giving it a new life and look. For this reason, going to Christchurch with the intention of seeing the earthquake hit areas and debris might be disappointing.

Because of its compact nature, walking and cycling are a lot nicer on Christchurch as there are no hilly terrains or slopes, it is mostly flat with the River Avon flowing through the city.

On the Cathedral square, tourists can find out more about activities for each day of the year from the tourist information cart provided.

How to Enjoy Christchurch

After picking up information for the day’s activity, it’s time to get familiar with the area. Since what’s left of the Cathedral is but little pieces of crumbling walls after the earthquake, you can walk down to the Canterbury Museum and then to the green Chapel which is being reconstructed with plants.

Enjoy the creativity used to fill up and invigorate the empty spaces created by the earthquake, like the nine-hole mini-golf course, set on the street for free. After visiting the museum, stop by the Hagley Park before heading back home.

In the evening, you can visit the 185 chair which is close to the Cardboard Cathedral that was used to replicate the ones lost in the quake. This is is a memorial place set up for the victims of the earthquake.

Airbnb apartments can be useful, especially for budget travelers. Otherwise, the city is being rebuilt and have various beautiful hotels and good restaurants and eateries that can be found everywhere.

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