Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is a renowned tourist location in New Zealand. The bay contains a total of 144 Islands. The clear skies are the first thing that strikes the tourists – it’s not just blue, it’s translucent and silvery blue. It was part of the New Zealand where Europeans first settled, and it, therefore, has a historical significance to both the Maori and the European New Zealanders. The oldest European building and the Kerikeri Mission Station, are some of the historic and exciting sites found here.

Travellers can have a feel of both the Maori and European cultures and traditions on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, which is known as a sacred ground and the location where the documents that founded New Zealand were signed in 1840. On the Treaty Ground, visitors can also find the Treaty House, which was the residence of the first British government representative in New Zealand. The new museum, which has a document room where the treaty was signed, is also located in Waitangi.

Right on the Waitangi Treaty Ground, the war canoe known as Ngatokimatawhaorua, can also be seen. It is claimed to be the world’s biggest canoe and is therefore worth seeing. The Flagstaff Hill is another place a traveler shouldn’t miss.

After seeing everything on Waitangi, a traveler can cruise through the cave-like arch in the Bay of Island. The Maori people believe it gives them good fortune in battle. The Old Packhouse Market is a local market, and therefore a good place to find local cuisines and to mingle with the locals. It is open on Saturdays between 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. On Kerikeri island, there is a number of beautiful waterfalls, like the Wharepuke and Rainbow falls. Hiking down to the waterfalls is recommended, as the historic hydro-electric powerhouse can be seen along the walk.

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