The resort town named Queenstown is located in the southern part of the South Island of New Zealand. It is a small town, both in terms of land area and population, covering about 8 thousand square kilometres and housing close to 15,000 inhabitants. It is still one of the most popular towns in the country for tourists to visit. It especially attracts a lot of visitors seeking excitement as its infrastructure is centered around adventure and ski tourism.


The inlet called Queenstown Bay is the focal point of Queenstown. The town is built around this inlet, with mountain tops such as Walter Peak, Cecil Peak and the Remarkables surrounding the city. With the amazing nature coming together, the small town can surely offer some spectacular views to anyone traveling here. The mountains surrounding the city are also attracting a lot of tourists looking to go skiing.


Queenstown is located at a moderate altitude of 310 metres, and therefore has an oceanic climate. In summer, the days are long and warm. Temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees. Winters are significantly colder, and the city often sees subzero temperatures and occasionally witnesses snowfall.

What to do

For tourists traveling to Queenstown, there are many activities to choose from. The city promotes itself as an adventure tourism destination, and activities like snowboarding, skiing, rafting, bungy jumping, paragliding, skydiving, fly fishing and jet boarding are all popular attractions. For visitors looking for a less adrenaline-filled trip, there are also several good options. A neighbouring wine producing region, said to be the world’s most southmost, can offer relaxing and fun-filled tours. The Kiwi Birdlife Park and the Paradise Duck reserve are both good options, for tourists who wish to learn more about the wildlife of New Zealand in their free time.

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