White Island New Zealand

10 km from the coast of the Bay of Plenty, there is a visible plume of smoke in the day and red hot rocks at night. That is the sight of the White Island, just as seen by John Cook. A smoking mountain, of about 321 metres above sea level, an uninhabited island of an active volcano with a pretty colorful pallet. A walk around the crater while listening to the rumbling and mumbling of the volcano, is something visitors rarely forget.

Volcano sites are usually very fascinating to tourists, but the idea of visiting an active volcano can be tricky, especially one that had a minor eruption, producing volcanic ash and dark smoke, in September 2016. This place offers the best geothermal experience in new Zealand. It is privately owned but is opened for tourists and visitors, although only by permission. No mountain climbing is required when visiting since most of the mountain is at subsea level. The main crater is the only visible part of it, which makes up the entire White Island.

There have been attempts to mine sulphur used in the making of antibacterial agents and match head, on the island in the past. Visitors are offered a closer look at the ruins and remains of the sulphur mining factory, located next to hot streams, boiling acid, and mud pits.

On one occasion, in 1914, ten to twelve workers were killed by an eruption. The island was abandoned as a result of this. So, now the only activities going on here are guided tours and scientific research. Facts about the previous and subsequent attempts are usually shared during the tours, where tourists can learn about the dramatic history of the island, that has caused the Maori people to call it “The Dramatic Volcano”

There is a white cloud of acidic gas, that is ever present on the White Island. It can hurt your eyes and skin very badly. Even breathing can be a problem on the island. This is why safety clothes, helmets, and gas masks are worn during the tours.

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